Hi there,

My name is Nicole and I’ve fallen in love with Clean Eating! I first imagestarted about a year and a half ago, but didn’t really properly kick start things til January this year. It was when I came across the Clean Eating Magazine in the USA and Australia, which included the wonderful Tosca Reno who has been a huge motivation.

The thing I love about Clean Eating is you EAT! You don’t starve yourself, you eat good clean foods that work well with your body. So what is Clean Eating? Take a look at the Eat Clean Diet. This gives a great explanation of Clean Eating.

I have The Eat-Clean Diet Commandments on my fridge and look at them every day to keep myself on track. The results I have got eating clean have been the best for a long time and I’m loving it! My stomach is flatter, my energy levels are great and I’m toning up quicker at the gym.

So stop by and check out my clean eating discovery. I’ll be posting my favourite recipes and products I’ve found, and be sure to check out the links to the Clean Eating Magazines plus Tosca Reno’s website. They are jam packed full of great recipes and ideas.

To your health!
Nicole xo